December 10, 2019 Update

December 10, 2019 Author Updates

December 10, 2019
Update from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

Hi there,

Thank you for continuing to read these updates and for your support during this difficult 6 months. We’re looking forward to the new year, the SBA loan, and rolling out all the tech changes we’ve worked so hard on this year.


The end of the year is challenging financially for everyone, so we are doing everything we can to create and maximize income, enabling us to send as many payments as possible. Each morning we are making payments based on previous day income from the website plus any vendor payments that come in. We are working on the best way to communicate amounts and dates to authors. 

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

We have started an archive of updates for authors having trouble receiving the emails. We will also share questions from authors and readers we feel would be helpful. You can even put your address in to receive emails when it updates.


Written communication can never take the place of face to face, but Elizabeth happily uses Skype and will schedule a chat with anyone who wishes to talk with her. Her ID on Skype is dsp_elizabeth. Connect with her by email to schedule a chat.

Don’t want to be face to face? Use the ASK QUESTION option on the update website. Remember if you ask a question anonymously, we can’t respond directly.

Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn

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