November 26 Update

November 26, 2019 Author Updates


November 26, 2019
Update from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

Hi there,

I hope everyone in the US has a joyful and peaceful holiday weekend. The office is officially closed Thursday, Nov. 28 through Sunday, Dec. 1. While we realize that ongoing and timely communication is important, our employees deserve time with their families and will be better prepared to serve our authors and readers when they return.

Payments 2Q & 3Q

Payments are going out every day based on vendor payments and sales through our website. The more that comes in, the more that goes out. We are operating on a zero balance. Each morning, I evaluate what has come in and send payments accordingly.

I have received multiple queries this week because of social media information that we have issued 3Q payments when 2Q payments are still due.

Out of 1200 authors, fifteen payments have been made against 3Q royalties. All but two were special circumstances. Some final 2Q payments were held up in Tipalti last week for more than 7 days, and I sent payments directly through Paypal to help the author until the 2Q payment processed because they had been notified that the funds were being paid and had planned accordingly. I’ve also added 3Q amounts to final 2Q payments when the amount was small (under $100) and it made sense to send the payments together so we didn’t incur a second transaction fee.

I know it is hard to see on social media that someone has been paid and you haven’t. I wish we could pay everyone at once and hope that we will be able to soon. More than 600 authors are still due remainders on 2Q payments. We will continue to send those before we start sending 3Q payments. The upcoming weekend promises an influx in sales that should allow us to meet the majority of remaining 2Q payments.

Please remember that we are issuing payments to 1200 authors. When we send a set of payments, it isn’t to ALL authors. We are prioritizing payments that have been due the longest.


We will start uploading monthly reports next week for October sales. Obviously we aren’t at the point of paying royalties monthly, but the most current sales information is informative for authors. All reports will be labeled appropriately. We are proceeding as we mean to go forward.


We are uploading amounts to Tipalti for all outstanding payments. Tipalti has two informational options: PAYMENT HISTORY and INVOICE HISTORY.

PAYMENT DETAILS can be used to change your method of payment, address, or email.

Under INVOICE HISTORY, you can view all amounts due to you. Tipalti automatically adds a “due date” for invoices. This section is so you can keep track of all amounts due to you. It doesn’t indicate that a payment has been made or when that payment will post.

PAYMENT HISTORY is where you can find information on payments made and in process. When an amount appears in PAYMENT HISTORY as submitted, the money has been processed through Tipalti and is on its way to you. Depending on the type of payment and banking days, this process can take between 1 to 5 days. We can’t change, delay or cancel payments that have already been submitted.


I haven’t been updating this every week because it doesn’t make sense to continue to say we are waiting on a final decision. This week we were informed that the process had moved to the last underwriting step. I hope to have good news to announce soon.

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

We have started an archive of updates for authors having trouble receiving the emails. We will also share questions from authors and readers we feel would be helpful. You can even put your address in to receive emails when it updates.


Written communication can never take the place of face to face, but Elizabeth happily uses Skype and will schedule a chat with anyone who wishes to talk with her. Her ID on Skype is dsp_elizabeth. Connect with her by email to schedule a chat.

Don’t want to be face to face? Use the ASK QUESTION option on the update website. Remember if you ask a question anonymously, we can’t respond directly.

Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn

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