November 12 Update

November 12, 2019 Author Updates

November 12, 2019
Update from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

Hi there,

Payments will continue to post to Tipalti this week. We will  make payments in full or incrementally until all amounts due are paid. We had a good response to the 11/11 sale and that income will be distributed in extra payments this week.

All questions about reports and payments should be emailed to Elizabeth.


Since Q3 reports show the carryover of any remaining 2Q amounts, several authors asked for a report showing just 3Q amounts. We uploaded a report called “2019Q3 Base” to show just the 3Q figures.

Payments due are based on the DUE amount on the 3Q Summary report.

The total of the BEGINNING TITLE BALANCE on each title equals the remaining amount for 2Q.

The ACCRUED ROYALTY for each title equals the ROYALTY ACCRUED line under PERIOD TOTALS at the end of the 3Q report.

The ENDING TITLE BALANCE for each title equals the DUE line at the end of the 3Q report.


You can sign in to your Tipalti account to:

  1. See the amount owed.
  2. Check the status of pending payments.
  3. Confirm the amount or date of past payments.

PAYMENT DETAILS is where you can change address or payment method.

PAYMENT HISTORY is where you can see the status of pending payments or payment history.

INVOICE HISTORY is where you can see the amount due to you.

ACX Audiobook Codes

Amazon has changed the way free codes are being issued from ACX. As of today, codes we have sent you are no longer valid. If you need new codes for reviewers or personal use, please email Hayley at

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

We have started an archive of updates for authors having trouble receiving the emails. We will also share questions from authors and readers we feel would be helpful. You can even put your address in to receive emails when it updates.


Written communication can never take the place of face to face, but Elizabeth happily uses Skype and will schedule a chat with anyone who wishes to talk with her. Her ID on Skype is dsp_elizabeth. Connect with her by email to schedule a chat.

Don’t want to be face to face? Use the ASK QUESTION option on the update website. Remember if you ask a question anonymously, we can’t respond directly.

Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn

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