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August 27, 2019 Author Updates


August 27, 2019
Tuesday Update from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

Hi there. Today’s email has some updates but also some Q&As we’ve had come in over the week.  We’ve included contact information for individual topics.

2Q Royalties

A large number of payments will go out at the end of this week through the 10th of the month as the bulk of our monthly payments come in. We know that every dollar is important to every author. Please continue to communicate with us. Paying you is our priority. Every dollar that is coming in is being sent out to cover royalties. The SBA funding has not deposited, but we will let you know as soon as it does or we have a firm date. Questions about reports or payments should come to

Dreamspinner Websites

The website now carries books from all imprints. The category list and menu has changed to allow readers to find exactly the book they want.

Mass market books are now available for purchase through our site and qualify for the free ebook with purchase of paperback. now has initial content. We plan for this site to host our full catalog, be searchable by topic, language and release date, and provide outside retail links for readers not wishing to purchase from the publisher site

Dreamspinner Weekend – Orlando September

I know that many are concerned with this event continuing. I’m hoping explaining the decision in more detail will help.

Contracts for events like this are signed two years in advance. When the contract was signed, we had no idea that the present situation would exist. Attending authors pay for their own rooms and travel, and the number of rooms booked pays for our meeting space. All of the remaining amount is being covered by three sponsors. Initially, the sponsors logos were to be placed on all promotion, but they are now worried about being targeted negatively on social media. They haven’t withdrawn their support, but are asking that their names not be associated with the event.

If we were to cancel the event, we would be responsible for all the amount of the food & beverage guarantee, conference room rental because there wouldn’t be any guest rooms, and 70% of the cost of all the rooms we reserved for authors. I’m sure there would be taxes and fees on top of that, and we would lose the sponsorship money. We would pay significantly more to cancel the event than to proceed with it.

GayRomLit – Albuquerque October

I’m going to repeat this as not everyone read last week’s update. We want everyone to be supported and comfortable with their choices – authors and readers. To that end, we have come up with the following options.

  1. Authors can order their own books at cost before Sept. 9. Sell them at GRL and receive the money directly from the readers. Contact Amanda at
  2. Any author that is attending GRL will have their books on sale on the Dreamspinner site and available for preorder and delivery at GRL as we have done to support our authors in all previous years. If you are attending GRL and would like your books on sale and promoted through the Dreamspinner Social Media channels, please contact Naomi at 
  3. We realize that GRL is a short turn around time for authors who have reverted their rights. If we have produced a paperback of a title that is out of print, but you would like a specific number ordered to sell at GRL, you can order them at cost through Amanda. It won’t affect the out of print status of the title.


These will be featured on the update site, but I’ll include a few here when I see more than one person asking.

Question: What do you mean when you say that money you expected didn’t come in?

Elizabeth: Here is one example. In May Baker and Taylor (the largest  distributor of books in North America) closed its retail division. They kept the library division. Many authors who publish through Lightning Source received a notification letter about the issue, but the quantities of the orders makes a big difference.

There was no advanced notice and no change in orders or spending up to the very day before they made the announcement. Baker and Taylor ordered books right up until the end of April. Orders were placed, so we paid to print and ship the books. Baker and Taylor closed and the books were returned. Returns are automatically deducted from sales on the statement in the month they are received. We had already paid for the printing and shipping and now have to pay for the warehousing of an inventory we didn’t expect to possess. Royalties were still owed on all the sales on that statement, regardless of the returns.

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

We have started an archive of updates for authors having trouble receiving the emails. We will also share questions from authors and readers we feel would be helpful. You can even put your address in to receive emails when it updates.

Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn

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