Royalty Report Update

August 5, 2019 Author Updates

August 5, 2019
Royalty Update

The software techs fixed the issue with the Breakpoints. To recalculate the proper Breakpoints, each vendor order from Jan. 1, 2019 was reloaded over the weekend. As part of the fix, ebooks in all languages will now pay royalties on the highest Breakpoint earned. Because the new calculations started on Jan. 1, authors with translations will see a positive balance at the beginning of their report. This extra amount will be paid with 2Q royalties.

Royalty reports are spooling and uploading to now. Reports By Edition will upload first since they show the Breakpoint percentages. Summary reports and Detail reports by order will follow.

If you have not received a invitation, please contact Anne Regan. Questions about reports other than the above, please contact Elizabeth North.

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

Elizabeth North, Chief Executive Officer,
Anne Regan, Chief Operations Officer
Lynn West, Publisher and Chief Development Officer

Questions about rights releases:

This statement is not confidential. PDF available upon request.

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