State of the Dreamspinner World ~ July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019 Author Updates

July 16, 2019
Tuesday Update

Hello from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

Our tasks continue apace, and we are so thankful for the many employees and contractors who are pitching in as we work our way through the cash-flow crunch and transition period. We are also grateful for the authors who are expressing their support. It means the world to us.

This week, our primary goals include:

  • Processing 2nd Quarter 2019 royalties reports and testing new access/archive folders for authors and agencies to ensure timely reporting.
  • Continuing to transition authors and agencies to the new database that features detailed individual line item listings, sublicenses, and other subcontracts.
  • Paying authors and contractors as vendor payments are received.
  • Pursuing final confirmation of the Small Business Administration support that will enable us to balance and settle current company financial obligations, including 2nd Quarter 2019 royalties, while planning for and investing in the future.
  • Expediting onboarding of authors and contractors through the Tipalti payment service to automate and speed up payments.
  • Evaluating and contracting novels for future mass-market distribution. We are currently scheduling as far out as 2023.


We are growing toward conducting business as a hybrid publisher with a balance between the best of independent publishing and a traditional publishing model, in pursuit of a wider mainstream audience for LGBTQ+ fiction of all genres, led by the great demand for gay romance. A major step in that direction is approaching completion and implementation. Our three imprints – Dreamspinner Press (gay romance), DSP Publications (LGBTQ+ genre fiction), and Harmony Ink Press (LGBTQ+ YA fiction) – will officially operate under one publisher website: Dreamspinner Publications. Books from all three imprints will be available for purchase through the store, and readers will have one bookshelf for all their Dreamspinner titles. 

Dreamspinner Publications will feature a totally new consolidated launch page providing immediate searchable topic matter access to all genres in one location, giving us the tools and leverage to move forward with a wider variety of products to grow a worldwide audience.

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

Elizabeth North, Chief Executive Officer,
Anne Regan, Chief Operations Officer
Lynn West, Publisher and Chief Development Officer

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