State of the Dreamspinner World ~ July 23, 2019

July 16, 2019 Author Updates

July 23, 2019
Tuesday Update
Hello from Elizabeth, Anne, and Lynn.

This update is full of ongoing changes. Read on to stay informed about what is happening.

One – 2Q Royalty Statements
Statements are almost done. This quarter you will be provided with a summary and a detail. Shared folders are being set up on so you will have immediate access to your reports and an archive to reference older reports in the future. Reports can be downloaded and shared from this file. You will receive an invitation shortly.

We don’t have a deposit date for the SBA funds, but we are planning for payments to go out on the 1st. We’ll continue to update.

Two – Tipalti
Invitations started to go out yesterday (Monday the 22nd). Tipalti’s invitation email is brief and not terribly informative. More than 400 of you have entered your information and are ready for your next payment. There is nothing more you need to do. You will receive an email anytime a payment is made. If you move, change email address/phone number, or wish a different payment method, you can sign in and change it anytime you wish.

Tipalti uses two-factor identification for setup. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can use a landline. The automated system will attempt to send a text first, but will follow up with a voice call to give you your code. If you receive the call but no one is there, please email me, and we can troubleshoot with the implementation team.

Switching to a payment service is part of our effort to improve the accuracy and speed of payments, but we would never sacrifice keeping your data safe. Tipalti was initially recommended to us by the vice president of our bank. We did extensive research, including running the business through a US State Department check and calling references from well-known companies who have used the service for several years.

Here is a summary of their security precautions and how data is handled.

Three – All Imprints For Sale on the Dreamspinner Store

  • At the end of this month, the three Dreamspinner Imprint stores will be combined into one located at the URL.
  • Readers’ purchases from the three sites will be available on one bookshelf.
  • Each imprint will have its own landing page.
  • Users can continue to sign in with their email from the Harmony Ink or DSPP website. They may have to use the password reset feature the first time they log in.
  • URLs will be redirected to the new live product page, so there is no need to change them in your promo.

Four – New Dreamspinner Publications Website
With our expansion into mainstream markets, it is important that we have a publisher/catalog site as well as an e-commerce store. Along with the addition of imprint titles to the Dreamspinner store, we will be launching a new website for Dreamspinner Publications. The website will include:

  • A catalog listing of all titles
  • Retailer links for direct purchases
  • Wholesale information for stores and libraries
  • Rights information for foreign publishers

A smooth transition of readers’ purchases to the store is our first priority. The Dreamspinner Publications site will launch with basic functionality and continue to expand throughout August.

We are here and willing to discuss the current situation as well as future plans with authors. Our email addresses are below. Until this situation has been completely resolved, we will issue an update every Tuesday.

Elizabeth North, Chief Executive Officer,
Anne Regan, Chief Operations Officer
Lynn West, Publisher and Chief Development Officer

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